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It’s as if he can’t write a tune that doesn’t have the kind of melody drunken men like to bellow in bars and at football matches, simple and soaring, anthemic and cheery, with words so vague they mean whatever the singer wants them to.

The truth was, most of us liked it all, and just enjoyed the gladiatorial spectacle of rock stars slagging each other off in the NME.But here they were, after all the bitter barbs of yore, like veterans of a conflict who can’t remember what they were fighting about but share affectionate memories of the trenches.“My sixteen year old self is very confused,” one fan admitted to me in the bar.We Got The Power also features Albarn's Blur bandmate Graham Coxon and Savages' singer Jehnny Beth, who Albarn said brought some balance to the track.He said: "I felt sort of at one point this song had Graham, Noel and me on it and it was just sort of heading slightly in the wrong direction.

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