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We are very hardworking by nature, compassionate, loving and respectful. As to date, my husband is stil not complaining why he married me.. OP, do remember that Filipina women value relationships much, so see that girl's heart and start from there.. Thank you Loving Mr Smith4ever, I have some additional questions if you don't mind.I have set up a profile on a website specifically for meeting Filipinas.For an example, potential questions to ask that will help me to weed out any of the potential undesirables? I thought you like this Filipina and you are already considering something more serious with her if it will eventually lead into something, so why are you still going to dating sites to look for other Filipinas ?

I'm not trying to offend the OP but often times, if someone wants to date/marry a foreigner he has never seen, there must be a reason behind it. The man does not have a college degree and cannot hold any stable job.

My husband flew all the way from Phoenix to Philippines when he first met me.

Money and US citizenship are not always the reasons why people fall for an American guy.

They are already in their 40s now but still live in the man's mother's house.

Despite of all the negative connotations regarding Filipina women being a scammer, I am proud to say that I had a very descent wedding of our choice wherein I paid half of all of it to share with my husband.

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