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For the record, my Creditors are as follows; Co-op Bank (Business overdraft) 4200 Barclaycard 3268 (already paid 2440) Capital One 1997 (already paid 1501) Tesco 2993 Idem Servicing 4138 (already paid 3115) MKDP 792 (already paid 595) Moorgate (Virgin card) 1859 (already paid 1396) Moorgate (HSBC) 5167 (already paid 3845) RMA Resolve (paypal) 1717 (already paid 1307) A couple of queries I have with Barclaycard and the M&S card is that with both of them, I had their cardsafe.Each time they took the premium out, it was added onto the card so accrued interest.

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This is the beginning (well middle really) of hopefully becoming debt free earlier than I anticipated!

In February 2011, I gave in and approached A DM Company and set up a DMP for the majority of my cards.

I left my Tesco Card and Business overdraft out in the hope that I would be able to pay these back and get myself on track. The payment was around 170 a month but for some reasons a while later (maybe due to a change in the Ts & Cs), the minimum payment went down to around 60 a month.

With my other debts in the DMP (around 33k - it all adds up! With 25 of that going on the fee for The Debt Management Comoany, I guess I should have changed to a non fee paying one sooner, but in 2016, when my payments to the DMP halved due to reducing work and becoming a carer for my mother who has Parkinson's Disease, I decided to switch to stepchange to increase my payments slightly having added both the credit card (just under 3k and my overdraft (just over 4k)) I wanted to try and pay a bit more.

At the beginning with the 33k debt, I was due to be on a DMP for 9 years paying 300 a month.

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