My kitchen rules season 4 episode 40 online dating

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Dad hugs Hina, and says we all say you look like doll. Dad comes to washroom area and sees Hiten and Priyank there in towel. Arshi says to Aakash that dad said I am famous, Aakash says me too. Puneesh says I love you daddy, Shilpa hugs him, Vikas and Priyank hugs him too. Hina cries, Vikas hugs her, Hina says I am not strong, I am shivering right now, Vikas consoles her. He comes in bedroom and looks at Hina, he says are you Hina or that is Hina? Aakash says I wont work, Arshi says useless captain.

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Arshi hugs Hina, Priyank hugs her and says I am sorry. Arshi says you are cheap woman, you were even glaring at my father, I am your enemy so you will hate my father too? Aakash comes to camera and says Shilpa needs this show, keep her here. play well, I wish we could talk, everyone call us fake now, it was not fake.. Hina says to Vikas that he was talking about Divya yesterday. Puneesh says to Aakash that he traps a new girl in every reality show so she came here, told him you were flirting with Ben and I was with you in Splitsvilla, Aakash asks how does she look? Luv says she said that nobody is Priyank’s friend here? Vikas says dont say rubbish to me today, I will not spare you today, keep your taunts to yourself. Vikas says today parents are coming and they are fighting? Mom says you are all playing nicely but dont curse and fight, Shilpa’s mom says I am so happy that my daughter got mother’s position but fulfill it, dont curse a mother, mother’s position is high, if you curse a mother then you curse a God, he sent mother in world as his shadow, respect that position, I am proud that my daughter got mother’s position, mother and child’s love never fades, if she said something then forgive her. Priyank’s girlfriend wipes Priyank’s tears and says dont cry. PM Aakash says what if my family member doesnt come? Shilpa says I am challenging you Arshi to go against me. Shilpa says to Puneesh that she is disgusting, she thinks I glared at Arshi’s father? Arshi says Vikas will go to Shilpa now, he is double sided. Arshi says my father came and Shilpa insulted him so now I will insult her parents, I will ask them how could they birth such filthy daughter? Arshi doesnt go to Shilpa’s mother and says cheap woman, still talking rubbish. Bigg boss asks Shilpa’s mother to leave house, she says best of luck and leaves house. Hina and Luv are sitting beside Priyank and hearing everything. Luv says to Hina that Divya said you dont need group to move ahead in Bigg boss. Man comes in bedroom and says to Luv that you will walking behind others? Man looks at Shilpa and says you make everyone eat, Puneesh’s mom wants to meet you first. Man says to Arshi that you are great, everyone wants to meet you. Dad says to Vikas that all are using mind here because of you.

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