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Bill Maher has suggested that powerful, married men sexually harass women because they have 's***y sex lives'.

The host of HBO's Real Time made the bold statement on the Friday episode of his talk show, suggesting that men were going after other women because they're not being 'satisfied' at home.

'Harassment and sexual assault are not about sex, it's about power.

If getting off were the only reason, they have two hands and [money],' wrote one user.

People complained the mobster, who was convicted for his connections to organised crime, is living in comfort with a wooden bed, rather than the standard prison issue, as well as chairs, a coffee table and paintings on the wall.

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Social media response was rapid with users quick to scold Maher for shifting the blame to the wives of accused men.

Maher (left) and Behar were discussing why so many of the men accused of harassment were married, such as media mogul Harvey Weinstein (right), when he made the comment.

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