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He lived in the believe of an unproven rumor that he was the bastard child of Lupe.He never knew the love of any parent when he grew up in the ranch, except the generous disposition of jolly good old man Lupe, (who is in his 50's), and that of an old maid called "Petra".He also grew up in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and established his name as an actor there. Edit David made his television debut in 1999 by starring the role of Marcos in the TV series Marea Brava.In 2004, he portrayed his role in the TV series like La Heredera and Los Sánchez.Emilia would set as her mission, the destruction of Catalina, so that she could marry Sebastian.She would go to ugly lengths to fulfill her mission, as this telenovela rolls on.

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The greed, selfishness and ambition of Adela triggered an intrigue to 'sell-off' Catalina into a dreaded marriage, to one old rich man- "Don Guada Lupe Mendoza" (Fidel Garriga).

One mortal and vengeful enemy we cannot forget to mention in this snippet is Madam "Antonieta", played by Regina Torné.

Her enmity with Don Lupe was rooted in the secret and odious past.

But destiny played a fast one on them, as Don Lupe got injured from falling off a horse in his ranch, so it was his son, "Sebastian Mendoza" (Sergio Basañez- our "Diego", of 'Cuando Seas Mia' fame), who substituted for him at the ordained meeting with Gustavo.

Catalina had her own romantic dreams, which she nursed, to get married to her heartthrob - Eduardo.

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